National Development and Reform Commission leaders visit FSAN


        On September 27, 2017, the National Development and Reform Commission's research team went to the National Emergency Industry Demonstration Base-Shenzhen Zhonghixin Innovation Industry City for investigation. FSAN gave a warm reception to the leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission.

        Leaders from the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, the International Cooperation Center of the National Development and Reform Commission, and the School of Resources and Safety Engineering of the National University of Mining and Technology visited FSAN.



        During the symposium, we introduced the FSAN development history, and reported to the leaders of our company's R&D team professional settings, product research capabilities, product knowledge, market share, etc., around FSAN development plan and strategic goals In-depth exchanges and discussions were conducted on other issues. When they learned that FSAN has made major breakthroughs in security, the leaders of the National Development and Reform Commission expressed their high recognition and affirmation.

        With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, face recognition technology is constantly maturing. Our company keeps up with the industry's cutting-edge technology trends and continuously deep learning on face recognition algorithms. At the same time, the combination of mature behavior rule analysis and face recognition will become a sharp blade for social security and case prevention. In the big data of the flow of people and the intricate movement trajectory, real-time screening of suspicious portraits and early warning of abnormal behaviors, combined with a professional video alarm management platform, and various administrative departments, quickly and effectively judge the abnormal factors in the environment, and add them Precautionary measures such as guarding key areas and supervising key objects. With a strong sense of social responsibility, our company will continue to move forward, and strive to shift the focus of security monitoring to post-inquiries in the direction of pre-warning.

        Although the visit process was very intensive, the exchanges between the two parties were very harmonious. The leaders of the Development and Reform Commission also expressed great optimism about the development prospects of FSAN. We will always uphold a good brand image of integrity, continuous innovation of technology, Uncompromising quality and standardized and efficient service, working together with our customers, seeking common development and common progress.

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