The relocation of FSAN headquarters and the 12th anniversary celebration


FSAN ushered in an exciting leap forward after 12 years of hard work,  the headquarters of FSAN moved to Zhonghaixin Innovation Industry City Science Park on August 1, 2017.

It  is an important milestone in the development of FSAN,

It is a new platform for FSAN to set sail,

It is an important sign for FSAN to move to a higher level,

It is a new start for FSAN to become bigger and stronger.

We thank all our friendly partners for giving us great supports all the way.




        At the dinner, the president delivered a speech, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to all guests and friends who participated in the celebration.

        In order to be grateful for the hard work of the old employees, Fushian held a commendation meeting for old employees at the same time as the dinner.






        From the Bingtangshan Industrial Zone to the Zhonghaixin Innovation Industry City, from the initial 1,200 square meter factory building to the current 14,400 square meter factory building and 1,500 square meter headquarters office building, the staff has grown from 36 to more than 600 today. There are too many emotions and memories. 12 years of time, in the long history of time. Like a white horse passing the gap; 12 years of wind and rain, FSAN people have used their diligence and steadfastness to create countless unforgettable wonderful and brilliant achievements. In the past 12 years, FSAN Security has gone through a process of transformation from weak to strong. Looking ahead, we are full of confidence. We will turn a new page and take a new step. Faced with the industry trend of being a strong player in the security industry, FSAN will adhere to the service tenet of providing customers with high-quality products and the corporate vision of "becoming a first-class international intelligent video supplier" and continuous improvement and innovation to provide the most professional and customized product application solutions for our guests.

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