36CH Full Real Time Face Network video recorder

Production description

◆  Built-in face recognition algorithm

◆  Support front  16-channel access to face recognition camera

◆  Support built-in≤10000 faces; support B/W list layout control

◆  Support face B/W list alarm linkage

◆  Support face retrieval by time period,Black and white list enquiry

◆  Support local face database list to face search face

◆  Support external face import, face search

◆  Support video playback to manually capture face, face search

◆  36CH full real-time face network video access, 2U NVR case

◆  H.264 dual-stream decoding, embedded Linux operation system

◆  Support sync video recording, remote monitoring, backup

◆  Support dual HDMI Synchronous output, support 2160P HD preview

◆  Support  amplification preview and playback video image

◆  Standard ONVIF, RTSP, GB28181 protocol

◆  Support external alarm, dual network port, bidirection talk,alarm snapshot,email sending functions

◆  Support DDNS, EMAIL, UPNP, NTP, P2P,etc

◆  Support WEB, mobile viewer, Client, CMS monitoring

◆  Support IPC intelligent functions (target counting, items left/lost, electronic fence, crossing detection, retrograde detection, departure detection)

◆  Support grouping disk quota, and disk inventory two storage pattern, distribute different video storage capacity or cycle according to different channels

◆  Support IPC centralized management, including IPC parameters configuration, import and export information , information real time acquisition , etc

◆  Dual Gigabit network card, supporting dual network IP settings and other applications

◆  Support  RAID0, RAID1, RAID5, RAID6 and RAID10, overall hot-backup

◆  Support channel grouping, preview round touring

◆  Support network detection(network flow monitoring, network wireshark, network clear)function,etc

◆  Support max 16CH 1080P sync playback and multi-channel sync play backward

◆  Support instant playback

◆  The new UI interface, support a key to open the video recording

◆  Support dual password authentication、 N+1 hot backup、IP filter,



Network video input


Network access bandwidth


Video compression


Video output

1CH VGA output(1920×1080@60HZ,1280×1024@60HZ)

HD HDMI output(3840×2160@30HZ,1920×1080@60HZ,1280×1024@60HZ)

HDMI 1 output(1920×1080@60HZ)

Display mode

Synchronous output, heterosource output

System mode

36 digits +36 preview +16 playback +face recognition

Video bit rate


Video resolution


Image display

1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36 image display

Snapshot mode

Support timing snapshot, manual snapshot, JPEG format

Motion detection

Support 396(22*18) surveyed area can be set in every screen and multi-level sensitivity adjustable

Privacy mask

Support 4 zones

intelligent detection

support IPC intelligent functions (target counting, items left/lost, electronic fence, crossing detection, retrograde detection, departure detection)


Face Recognition Preview

Support face capture results display, recognition results display

Access ability

Support front  16 channels access to face recognition camera

Face database

Support built-in≤10000 faces; support B/W list layout control

B/W list  layout control

Support face B/W list alarm linkage

Intelligent search


Support face retrieval by time period

Support personnel list (whitelist, blacklist, stranger) query

Support local face database list to face search face

Support external face import, face search

Support video playback to manually capture face, face search

Face quality filtering

Face quality sub-threshold (0~10), the higher the value, the smaller the wrong grasp

Face image quality (1~99)

Face tracking box

Hide face box, show face box

Face recognition parameter


Face recognition minimum pixel



Attitude pitch less than 25 degrees, around 30 degrees can be captured


Ordinary glasses, short sea, short brim has no effect on the snap


Normal slight expression does not affect the snap

Face recognition rate

The recognition rate is above 95%

Detection mode


Interval snapshot (interval time 1~10 seconds)

Enter the snapshot (entering time 1~10 seconds), the number of snapshot (1~3)

Leave the snapshot (number of photos: 1~3)

Enter or leave


Audio  compression


Audio input

1 CH RCA port (IPC complex audio input)

Audio output

1 CH RCA port

Bidirectional talk input

Bidirectional talk, RCA port


Video frame rate


Record mode

manual/Timing record and alarm record/Timing record/alarm record/Stop record

Playback ability

Support 4CH 4K/ 5MP/ 4MP, 9 CH 3MP, 16 CH 1080P record sync playback

Playback mode

Instant playback, local record, Playback snapshot, external file playback

Record search

Time, calendar, channel search, event search, (ANR, regular video, motion detection video, alarm video, intelligent detection video)

Video playback

Start time, play/pause, stop, forward, backward, single frame,forward 30 seconds, backward 30 seconds,fast play(1-256X), slow play(1-1/32X)、1/4/9/16 split screen, previous page, next page, backup, capture, show hidden progress bar, full screen,add face template,retrieve face info,roller amplification time bar precise playback


Storage interface


HDD capacity

Single max.8TB

Disk grouping

According video channels to set HDD quantity

Disk quota

According video channels to set HDD storage capacity

Backup location

Local,  network, NAS, IPSAN

Array type


Hot-backup management

Common mode,Hot backup mode( N+1 hot backup)

Backup method

USB mobile hard disk, U disk, network backup


Support FSAN IPC(with TF card)ANR


Network protocol


Interface protocol


Protocol port


Mobile surveillance

Support Apple, Android

Internet explorer

Support IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Display function

Channel shortcuts: modify the channel, 3D positioning, display AI intelligent rules and results, capture, voice intercom, channel audio, manual recording, instant playback, video parameters

Desktop display: audio input, volume, alarm information (deployment/removal), P2P cloud service, network information,Output adjustment, system information, device list (showing whether IPC is online or not, recording type), organizational structure (custom channel classification for quick preview), channel round tour, 1/4/6/8/9/16/25/36 split screen, open round tour, open linkage preview,Display face recognition,Face search, file backup、full screen、hide OSD、PTZ control,

IPC timing

Manual/auto/timing/reconnect timing to IPC timing

Alarm linkage

Send email, audible warning(buzzer), alarm on monitor, upload to center, record, snapshot, preview, PTZ  linkage

Network detection

Flow monitoring, network wireshark, network test

User management

User add, delete, modify, permission management,FACEeye Scan the QR code to retrieve the password

Auxiliary users(secondary password protection)

Manage IPC

Modify IPC parameters


Network interface

2 *RJ45 100M /1000M adaptive Ethernet port

POE interface


Alarm input


Alarm output




USB Port

Front panel: 1*USB2.0,Rear panel: 1*USB2.0,1*USB3.0


Power supply

AC100~240V,50Hz~60Hz(Power plug specification optional)

Power consumption

≤35W(Without HDD)

Operation temperature/ humidity

-10°C ~ 55°C/10﹪-90﹪



Weight/PCS(g) (without HDD)

7KG(Without HDD)


National Hotline


Monday to Friday9:30-18:00(Beijing time)

  • Business Cooperation:fsancctv1@@fsan.cn

  • media cooperation:marketing@fsan.cn

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