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2MP 23X 8.5'' Smart Starlight Cylinder Dome Linkage Multi-target Tracking High Speed PTZ

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◆8.5inch waterproof all metal construction multi-target tracking
◆Adopt HD binocular camera integration structure(Fixed lens+integrated zoom module)
◆Embedded intelligent target tracking algorithm,H.264/H.265/MJPEG encoding
◆2MP wide angle fixed the head of cameras, the lens is with above 100 ° horizontal perspective
◆2MP 23X optical zoom, automatic focusing, rapid and accurate focus
◆The resolution is 1920×1080(zoom module)+1920×1080(fixed focus)
◆23X optical zoom, F=4.7mm~108.1mm
◆Automatic target tracking and amplification, manual control PTZ 3D positioning
◆Preset bit/pattern/cruise/continuous scan
◆360° infinite rotating, automatically reverse at  upward angle 90 °
◆WDR/backlight compensation/various white balance
◆Support Onvif/GB28181
◆Intelligent white light group control(infrared optional)
◆Integrated design, less attachment, simple maintenance and high reliability
◆Super strong antiknock characteristics, especially suitable for vehicle-mounted mobile monitoring
◆Suitable for police car, patrol car, train, ship, and so on
◆The protection grade is up to IP66,DC12V/5A